The pursuit of happiness

Every time thinking of in the desert,

I’m here not at ease.

Sometimes I just feel stressful, overwhelming.

I am too weak to tackle this.

But Lord you are with me

Warning me to put on the whole armor of God

It’s possible to walk with you, Lord, in the desert, in the valley of death.
It’s jeopardous and lonely on the way of pursuing, though.

Father, I can stand firm and fight in your power and strength.







At least, I’m not totally broke yet.






“Lord, don’t move that mountain

Give me strength to climb it

Please don’t move that stumbling block

But lead me, Lord, around it

My burdens, they get so heavy

Seems hard to bear

But I won’t give up, no, no

Because you promise me

You’d meet me at the altar of prayer!”


I can be still, wait for you, Lord!

I can be delight in you, Lord!

I can be tested in this time of my life.

I can walk in victory, ‘cause my Savior is the Victor!




我喜欢温哥华,无论天气怎样,我都可以自由地选择穿衣,寒冷的天气,我只穿了单薄的T恤和外套,对皮肤的刺激令我更加清醒。     Mission Fest 第二天,难得在温哥华见到如此多的人,我们都迫不及待要晓得上帝在世界的奇妙作为。



I may not do everything, but I can do something!



The world is waiting, the doors are open, God is waiting.


His word release power to change any nation.


When the truths of the Bible are put into practice, transformation is the result—for an individual, a family, or a nation.


In the global village, our future depends on the future of all nations, and the future of each nation depends on its ability to receive God’s word.


The Word of God is not only God’s instrument in drawing people to Christ in salvation but also an instrument in transforming whole peoples.


cited from "The Book that transforms nations  The power of the Bible to change any country"   Loren Cunningham

2007 winter conf



I am free to receive your love, Lord God!

I am free to praise you, worship you and bow down to you, Lord God!





[Spiritual multiplication]

Let love be multiplied! Fill us up, send us out, O God!


In the presence of Holy Spirit, in the awe of God, walking with Christ Jesus, I heard, I heard His calling, His plan for my life!