Smile to the sentence

waiting for the sentence.

Have no
idea what is ahead.

getting close though.

Bow the
head, waiting for the sentence.

No matter how
much piercing inside,

Yet what is
outside following is daunting.

 Eyes are watered, knowing this is inevitable.

One day,
one hour, even one minute could be a relief, an escape.

Knowing it’s
getting close.

God is
teaching me a hard lesson, a lesson on obedience.

He is
uprooting the wicked roots deep in my life.

It’s been
too stubborn grasping my soul.

So to
speak, it terribly hurts.

It also immensely
trigger other parts.

A quake explodes.

“I will
restore everything.” He gently said.

It’s all
about obedience.

This time, I
choose to obey no matter how hard it is, how impossible it looks.

I heard,
that I will obey.  



An adventure ends means another begins

Ten days, full of excitement, have passed away. Yet what came from, I believe will last forever.

Every since I remember these ten days, I can’t help being moved to tears of gratitude.

God brought me to Vancouver in 2007. For his grace, four friends out of China came with me to my hometown in 2009.

We walked, walked and prayed, prayed on campuses. Going back to
where I studied, where my brothers and sisters are serving, where my
fellows are getting ready for the future, I can’t thank God enough. We
prayed over campuses at the beginning of a new semester as Joshua
obeyed God to pray over Jericho till the wall falling apart. We didn’t
see with our eyes but in our heart we firmly believe prayers bring
God’s mighty power which can even move mountains.

Calling upon Jesus’ name in murmuring, I couldn’t hold my tears at the
Great Mosque. The intensive spiritual strongholds overwhelm this place
and lives upon it. There is a fairly big Muslim community in this city.
Just about I left for Canada, they started the Ramadan. I watched
hundreds of Muslims worshiping Allah in the mosque. They bowed and
bowed. The great fear hung over them. I grew up in this Muslim
district, for the first time my heart is burdened for those worshipers.

To meet my dear brothers and sisters again indeed rejoiced me very
much. I left only two years, but there are much more unfamiliar faces
at just one church . I knew
they’ve been growing exceedingly. Praise the Lord! They are keen to
improve their English. Since I went back, I was asked to have
ESL class every night except Saturday. While having class with them,
not just did I teach their English, moreover, we shared and listened.
God literally spoke to me through their sincere sharing. Nothing can be
more beautiful than to witness Christ-like hearts. When the team came,
I took a break. They all greatly enjoyed the ESL. Every night, after a
full day of intense work, the team prepared well for ESL, and people
came to hotel to discuss interesting questions, learn conversational
phrases, play games, etc. It was an intimate time for both sides to
know each other.

A whole day, 9am to 9pm, we had training seminars at hotel and lecture
in the evening. A dozen young leaders at church came with hunger and
teachable hearts. The team gave profound teachings
respectively on leadership definition, leader’s character, leadership
in general and Christianity, and how to deal with conflict. Not to mention how much it
affects and helps those leaders, I personally was touched and imparted
by their teaching and sharing. The most impressed part is when came across leader’s character—integrity is a core. I very soon was
put up to leadership position after became a Christian. Passion was my
mark. God graciously granted me fruit of discipleship. I was at its
high of rollercoaster. However, cruel reality displays the part beneath
the iceberg. No matter how splendor it looks up the top, when the
foundation has cracks, it will all fall apart in a blink of an eye. I
grew without growing in character. So for me, not just translated word
by word, it struck me as well.

God never leaves His children. I experienced tremendous forgiveness and
mercy on this trip. It’s totally beyond my perception. It seems God is
teaching me a new lesson which to receive His love through His people.
He’s revealing to me a whole new realm of His character. Five of us,
from different countries and backgrounds, united amazingly by God’s
love. It at the time occurred strange moments. Thankfully, out of
obedience we came together in time, confessed and prayed. I confessed
that I at the beginning didn’t feel like one in the team. My task
mentality drove me to the point where I had to face my attitude. I
understand clearly that division even just in heart will bring
unspeakable harm for the team. I won’t forgive myself that my little
willfulness festers a team long way from the other side of the world
just for the sake of loving God and China. I didn’t flee, instead, came
close and shared it on the table. We prayed and God made good its
broken places.

The journey did rekindle my first love for God. To see brothers and
sisters come together and pray in one heart, I was reminded to devote
myself to prayer. To see brothers and sisters serve in any given
situation, I was reminded not to complain but to always be thankful and
to persevere. To see millions of souls are waiting for salvation, I was
reminded to be obedience to “go and make disciples of all nations.”

Soul, what God cares most, is at stake. The wars, plagues, nations
against nations, earthquakes, and on are happening within sight. How
much time do we left? Not very much! The innocents are dying. The blood
is shedding. Who then is able to bring hope? It’s you, you, you, … You
who are entitled as follower of Christ! Jesus came to become a flesh,
to obey the Father to die on the cross. He didn’t argue; he didn’t make
an excuse; instead, he obeyed to go up the cross and bear all the sins
of humans. Was he hurt? Indeed! Was it worth? Indeed!

God of redemption brought me back, to a land which was foreign to me
yet now home to me. God of Almighty took me back, to a people among
which I was an alien yet now I am one of them.

With all my heart, may the name of God be glorified.

Faith defines

You are who
you are for a reason.

You are
part of an intricate plan.

You are a
precious and perfect unique design,

Called God’s
special woman or man.

You look like
you look for a reason.

Our God
made no mistake.

He knit you
together within the womb,

You are
just what he wanted to make.

The parents
you had were the ones he chose,

And no
matter how you may feel,

They were
custom-designed with God’s plan in mind,

And they
bear the Master’s seal.

No, that
trauma you faced was not easy.

And God
wept that it hurt you so;

But it was
allowed to shape your heart

So that
into his likeness you’d grow.

You are who
you are for a reason,

You’ve been
formed by the Master’s rod.

You are who
you are, beloved,

Because there
is a God!!!



Faith is
risking what is for what is yet to be.

It is
taking small steps knowing they lead to bigger ones.

Faith is
holding on when you want to let go.

It is
letting go when you want to hold on.

Faith is
saying yes when everything else says no.

It is
believing all things are possible in the midst of impossibilities

Looking beyond
what is and trusting for what will be.

It is the
presence of light in darkness the presence of God in all.

                                                                               Ellen M.