Am I able to continue surviving in this crazy world?

I hear it, so close, so intense.

I hear it; it follows me all my life.

–the threat of death.

It’s even thrilling to trace back what I’d been through.

Is there more dread coming towards?

I can’t wrap my mind around things occurred on me.

Nothing makes sense.

But they happened, in the oddest way.

This world is crazy, and I’ve been viciously dragged to the Pit of death.

It determined to destroy me.

I survive till today, this moment.

Am I able to continue persevering?


Freezing, the coldness is sneaking in every inch of my body.

Aching, the pain is devouring me to faintness.

I crave warmth.

But what the heck! It burns me!

When I go out to see this world, I see beauty;

No, that’s what I tricked myself to see, the beauty of mankind.

 What I saw is ugliness, is lust, is insanity.


Killing me is their scheme.

To die or to be, that is a question.


I can’t put more words here, for they pierce my heart.
I can’t reveal my wounded heart to you, even to my own being.
Just let tears stream down at the quiet and dark corner, just feel the pain tearing my inside.
All of those years, I’ve had enough, yet I have to continue bearing more.

This is my Prayer

Your love

Peace be with you (5)


Holy, holy, holy is the Lord…the whole earth is full of His

Isaiah 6:3


Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men
with whom He is pleased!


There was a gift for each of us left under the tree of life
two thousand years ago. And that gift was Jesus whose birth we celebrate today.
The gift was withheld from no one. But many have opened the fireplace for Santa
Claus and closed the door on the Christ child! We Christians can and must tell
this old yet always new Story to those who have never really heard of it so
that they can claim the gift of Jesus. Do it now. The reason we celebrate this
day is because through the loving kindness of our God, the dayspring from on
high is visiting us.