Bring it on

I am stoked. A lunch with an on-fire sister, good news brought from China, it’s so good to see we are not alone. I can’t have enough to hear about what’s happening in China, in my hometown, among my folks. I can’t believe either that God hand-picked me to build this stunning bridge. I wanna be consumed, by his fire, by that burning desire, desire of loving him and his people relentlessly. One moment, I deeply resented that I ruined my chance. Otherwise… yet who knows. We can never undo what have been done. People are stoked, to hear what’s happening across the Pacific. It was meant to be. Three years ago, I just got here, with a live experience on how Christians live in China. But it seems to people here more remote than for real. Now, they who have been Christians whole life, went to China, and witnessed by their own eyes. They can’t deny any more. They can’t have any excuse that is too remote for them. Everything could be done in God’s hand. Hearing them to share the live experience on missions, we all see that God is unfolding something way bigger than we could figure. It’s definitely exciting!


another day

I seem to get use to stay in my own zone. It’s Sunday, a rare off work day. I’d better go out, and of course, it’s a day to go to church. It was still an odd, watching over a few shoulders, to a small portion of congregation. I didn’t mean that I am big fun of huge numbers. But that pathetic scene is still haunting there. Am I becoming too cold? Or worse, lukewarm? I hated it. The last thing I’d want to be. But, there is remaining another “but”. After service, it’s routine, dinner. I would say this. Just a small talk, I found out it’s not just me. There must be something missing. People are tired of petty chatty. The word’s floating on my mind—“vanity”. So what then? I need an answer. My guess is most people need an answer. It’s not a contest to compete who is the most popular. It’s people. a genuine life.

I heard, “it’s ok, ok to be out of the league, I mean club.” We are all at certain point of our journey. Young but restless, those years of youth, I wondered, am gonna go through like this? However, at least, now I have peace. That quite wild emotion hardly grips me too much. So, we will see.