There is no love, there is no affection. There is no conversation even. There is only physical abuse. He is using me. I am using him. It may come to different reasons. But after all, we are just using each other.

It took long time, to be diligent, to be obedient, to be patient, to hike to the peak with the help of God. But enemy knows so well where that button is. Just a figure touch, I fall, just a second, I fall back into the darkest pit, again.


So long

Hi there, I am thinking about you.
I wish you all the best.
So long, my friend!
I lost you.
Looking seems in vain.
Maybe, maybe after a thousand years.
We might meet again.
Maybe, maybe you would not recognize me.
That’s fine.
Coz’ I am always fine.
So long, my friend!
I wish you all the best.

I said, one day I will fly.
Fly away.
Your story is carrying on.
And mine,
mine will end soon.

So long, my friend!
I wish you all the best.