Multimedia Literacy Digital Story

what exactly mulitmedia digital literacy bring into education?



Digital Literacy Project

“ . . . is the ability to understand and use information in multiple formats from a wide range of sources when it is presented via computers.”           –Paul Gilster

see this “what is digital literacy?”

Digital Literacy

see from youtbue, Digital Literacy!   dream….

where are we now?

Where do students and adults today turn when they have a question that requires an outside resource? Very often, the first choice is NOT the library. It is the Internet. And how do many of these individuals communicate on a daily basis? More often then ever, it is not with pen and paper. It is with Email. Web browsing and Email communication are becoming nearly transparent mechanisms for information retrieval and exchange within many segments of our twenty-first century society. Yet, the literacy skills most often addressed and tested within schools are the textbook-based literacies of the previous millennium.Do not misunderstand: I agree that students need to learn reading, writing, and mathematics skills and concepts much as they have in previous generations. A skill set based on textbook-based literacy is insufficient, however, to meet the realities and challenges of twenty-first century communication. My personal experiences and the daily witness of my Email inbox are simple testimonies to this fact. As educators, parents, community members and twenty-first century learners, we need digital literacy NOW. This is not an option; it is not a hypothetical situation. It is a real need.

Some commonly used acronyms on texting are:

  • ABT: About
  • ABT2: About to
  • atm : At the Moment
  • asap : As soon as possible
  • AYT: Are you there?
  • bc: Because
  • b4: Before
  • bak: Back, Back at Keyboard
  • bbl: Be Back Later
  • BFF: Best Friend Forever
  • btw: By The Way
  • b/w: Between
  • c: See
  • CM: Call me
  • cya: See you/Cover Your Ass
  • cus: Because
  • cuz: Because or Cousin
  • 2: To or Too
  • 2nite: Tonight
  • 4: For
  • 4evr: Forever
  • 4nd: Friend
  • ez: Easy
  • IC: I see
  • k or kk: Okay
  • L8: Late
  • L8r: Later
  • lol: Laugh(ing) Out Loud or Lots Of Laughs
  • OMG: Oh My God (or Gosh)
  • ppl: People
  • r: Are
  • sup: What’s up
  • thnks, thnx, or thx: Thanks
  • U: You
  • UR: You’re
  • W8: Wait
  • wdymbt: What do you mean by that?
  • w/ : With
  • w/o: Without
  • ur:your
  • XME: Excuse Me
  • Y? : Why?
  • yr: Your
  • ZUP: What’s up?
  • zzz: Sleeping/bored
  • Emoticons:
  • 😀 or 🙂 = Happy
  • 😦 = Sad
  • : P = Tongue sticking out
  • 😉 = winking
  • XD = Laughing (tongue out)
  • XP or :P= Sticking tongue out
  • ^-^ = Cute happy
  • T.T = Crying

huoxingwenqingshuthis is a love letter written by a teenager who was born after 90s, it is widely called “Mars language”.

digital literacy gap


here i found a graphic illurstrate the digital literacy gap among the vairous group. acturally, the age gap does exsit and play a vitally role in the widening gap. the language in digital literacy is changing and progressing fast. the young generation is creating plenty new expression which the last generations hardly understand. just for example, the digital literacy actually emerged in 1990s in China. we  who were born in 1980s is the first generation that exposed among internet, cell phone, and later blog. no surprisingly, the youth who were born in 1990s have already invaded in and created their own unique language on line.

My digital literacy experience

When I was 14 years old, I officially had my own computer and launched in the World Wide Web. Very soon, I addicted in the internet. I loved reading various news on line. I loved moving the mouse to surf exploring the world which I had no idea. I loved chat with friends esp. with whom could speak English. I have gained lots of confidence through chatting in chat room in English. My typing speed had been improved dramatically. Ten years later, I have been having plenty experience with digital literacy.

Text message, msn, email, facebook, myspace

here are some example that i encountered on text msg, email & facebook.

text msg: i miss u! may we visit tomorrow @ sfu or anywhere? let me know & thx for the facebk msgs!

hope ur having a good day 2day! 🙂

email: Hey everyone,

Tomorrow there’s going to be open house afterwards at the Mitchells. Please bring a savory snack 🙂

Have fun!

facebook: Jo…sorry i couldnt make it to the Karaoke yesterday… Let’s go another time after my finals…coz  it is driving me crazy…=(

HAPPY BIRTHDY though!!!! Wish u all the happiness and luck in the coming year! =D

· hey girl dont stress out everything is gonna beeeeeeeee OKAY !~seeya

yes sweetie…I came back not long ago….=P The trip to China was GREAT!!! Hope we can get togather soon….miss u…..

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy

It is very interesting to read and discuss in the class that how technology influence our literacy journey and life.

Tracing back, while I first learn English in junior high school, our foreign teacher encouraged us to chat with non Chinese on ICQ to practice communication in English. I did. It was indeed much fun. I remember I chat with a Spanish once and Turkish once. I felt like getting more confidence through internet using English. With much confidence, I was obsessed with chatroom. It needed high speed typing and fast feedback. People were all commended my English. Well, it made me feel so good. Then the picture comes to university. I fell in love with blog. There is a space that I could jog down my feelings, opinions, and any thoughts. I loved to write something that nobody will understand. It does make sense. But you never are able to get into the bottom of my heart. I loved write prose and poems on my blog. Not just keeping daily journal which makes me bored. Digital literacy is very unique for it creates lots of new discourse and words. After I came to Canada, I have kept the habit to keep logging on the internet regularly. My parents and friends in China get to know my life through my blog. Especially my parents, they are my loyal fans. The words I put down give them the picture that their daughter’s life in a foreign land. Even I express my love to them; we Chinese barely show our affection to loved ones. But I could write them to my parents. I love them. I miss them.

This is also a place I practice English. I love writing though having nothing with academic writing. It is such a precious time that I could sit quietly for an hour to jog down my organized thoughts, well, sometimes it does is a bit messy.